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Join us on the last Sunday of each month.

Top Half Folk Festival

June 7-10, 2024
Tickets now on sale

The Alice Springs Folk Club is very active, with people of all ages and backgrounds coming together, sharing and enjoying music.

Members and non-members are all welcome at our events.


The Alice Springs Folk Club had its beginnings sometime in 1968 when a few singers gathered in The Ranch coffee lounge (owner: Bob South) to “do their own thing”. A very successful concert put on to raise money for the Save The Childrens Fund in 1969 raised $200 and the hall that was hired was packed. The concert generated great interest, and more and more people came to The Ranch on Sunday nights, so a club was formed. This became The Central Australian Folk Society (C.A.F.S.) although around town everyone knew it simply as “The Folk Club”.

The aims at that stage were to save for a tape recorder and start a building fund for a clubhouse. An entrance-by-donation system was started and on many nights The Ranch was packed. Many well known artists of folk and country and western came to The Ranch including Slim Dusty, Ray Rivermont, Margret Roadknight and Merle Lamb.

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