Top Half Festival 2009

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Comments about 39th Top Half Folk Festival

Dear Scott , Davie , Ian and Don, thanks very much for the good fun over the weekend, it was a great weekend and a perfect antidote to the “GFC”. One thing about having so many Scotsmen there is that the Bar would have had record takings and and the organisers of the Festival will be able to negotiate an even better deal with Glen Helen next time. Thank you all for your hospitality that I enjoyed at various stages over the weekend, and the fine wines and good food, not to mention the music and singing. Cheers , “Hack”. Can you pass on my thanks for a great weekend to the organising committee. I was really impressed by the standard of music, the venue, the smooth running of the shows and the overall camaraderie of the Festival. I greatly enjoyed working for the Resort and they made me feel like part of the crew, if only for a couple of days. The absolute highlight for me was hearing Sally Balfour sing. I was in tears and so were those around me. Her natural talent is better than anyone I’ve ever heard before – and I’ve seen hundreds of bands play over 25 years working in the music business and as a live performance fan, across many varied genres of folk, country, rock, punk…. Cheers Jenny Pender

Hi Dave I want to put on record our thanks for a fantastic festival! It was so much fun, and maintained the high standard of Glen Helens (etc) past. Thanks so much for a mighty effort by everyone concerned. Marg Friedel xx

Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed the folkfestival on the long weekend. And appreciate all the work the organising committee put it to it.Must admit I never seen so many Scots derived people and other quality class Brits in one tent before so it was all a surprise to me.

Hope to see you all next time

cheers Mary Flynn

Dear Dave, Scotty and the festival committee, now the dust has settled, I just wanted to say thanks for such a fantastic weekend. The 39th folk festival lived up to all expectations – we had a ball. It was wonderful to have been a part of it. Thanks so much for the opportunity to perform and to have seen so many other fantastic performers. best weekend I’ve had for a long time. Here’s to the next one! cheers, M’Lis

The Top Half Folk Festival organisers have demonstrated yet again their ability to put on a superb weekend of high quality entertainment and good fellowship at the beautiful Glen Helen resort. As an occasional attendee to this family event since first visiting here in 1973, I was most impressed with the standard of performance by both local artists as well as folk enthusiasts from all parts of Australia. What I love about this festival is that everyone is encouraged to participate and many budding enthusiasts have been inspired to develop their talents as a result. Two superb concerts by an icon of the Australian music scene, John Williamson, were an added bonus. This festival is destined to remain a ‘must attend’ annual event for the Territory.

Peter McDonald, formerly of Mulga Bill’s Bicycle Band.

Hi David,

This years Festival was FANTASTIC!! – I had a blast!

Any way was wondering if I can please be added to the mailing list please.

Cheers Roisin O’Doherty

To all members of the Committee may Nerys and I express our deep appreciation. It was a marvellous gathering and such a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old mates around the happy atmosphere of music. Some of the session singing was as good as it gets. Can’t wait for next year.

Cheers Ted Egan